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By Published On: March 21, 2022Categories: Blog, Stories

ApiShare represents the passion, experience, stunning professionalism and willingness to disseminate the API Management Vision of the User Group team.

For more than three years we at User Group have been supporting many of our Customers in setting up their API Program. Thus, we‘ve had the opportunity to listen to their use cases, share lessons learnt and ideas. Ever since, our goal, as our motto knowledge share implies, has been to build a community where to share this knowledge, and to achieve Customer API program platformization.


In our experience, Customers usually perceive API Management initiatives as an activity involving only technical solutions to complex technical problems, but the technical aspects are just the tip of the iceberg. When Customers start exposing data and functionalities to their partners, the submerged part of the iceberg comes to the surface clarifying that APIs are not merely technical objects, but actual digital products, which would greatly benefit from a tool that handles them accordingly.

Besides, APIs are more and more a reflection of a company’s Enterprise image and reputation. This realization is what finally expands the focus from the more technical details of API Management, to aspects like API Governance and Product Catalogs. That’s where ApiShare comes in.

ApiShare helps our Customers build their API Ecosystem, evolving their enterprise assets into Digital Products by leveraging our API Governance features and vision.

The ApiShare logo itself, the worker bee, encapsulates our API Management Vision. The bee has a twofold meaning: On the one hand it’s the animal that best represents a community contributing to building an ecosystem. On the other, its wings hide the symbol of infinity, which represents the perpetual lifecycle of the API, the pillar of our product.  Last (but not least!) the word “API” is also a fun play on words, for it actually means “bees” in Italian.

Stay tuned!

It’s the start of an amazing journey for us at User Group. We encourage you to join us and stay tuned as we continue to share our insights and updates about API Management, about our Product features, about customers’ experience, and more.

About the Author: Rocco Caputo

ApiShare Product Manager

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